Parkour is an activity that uses a combination of balance, manual power and physical strength to move about and perform tasks. This form of exercise was initially popularized as a way for people in urban environments to get some exercise. They would hang around in parks and public areas, doing difficult tasks in the spaces between buildings. The purpose of this activity was to ‘feel the ground’. It was also a way for these people to challenge and test their physical and mental strength whilst having fun at the same time.

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Since then the sport of parkour has evolved and taken off in the mainstream, especially with regards to clothing. Nowadays parkour footwear is seen as the ultimate in athletic shoes. Many brands have taken on the challenge and have created specialized lines of footwear specifically for use in this competitive sport. Some of the best known manufacturers of parkour shoes are Adidas, Capezio, Nike and Puma. Adidas produces some of the most popular parkour footwear in the world.

Gloves are also used during parkour activities and are a very important piece of equipment if you want to perform to your highest potential. The best parkour footwear will come with multiple pairs of gloves that offer the right amount of dexterity and protection. There are three main types of gloves; slip-on full glove gloves, closed toe and thumb-less gloves. It is best practice to use a mixture of the three types of gloves during exercises.

The Adidas Nittany Lites is perhaps one of the best parkour shoes that are currently available. This brand produces both street and urban versions of the Nittany ultimate shoe. These vans good at offering grip thanks to its mid-sole textile material that prevents the feet from slipping around. The Adidas Nittany Ultimate 81 for instance features a mix of full-finger-space grip and thumb-hole closures.

Another popular choice amongst serious parkour training athletes is the SRX Tracer Gloves. The SRX tracer gloves feature the company’s latest materials which are designed to help with reducing sweating. This allows greater comfort and freedom during workouts. The company has also spent considerable amounts of time improving the elasticity and durability of the fabric. As a result, these vans shoes and gloves are now among the best in terms of protection and comfort.

The last feature to look for when looking for the best parkour shoes and boots is to look for breathability and flexibility. A good example of this is the SRX Tracer Mesh. This mesh fabric features an excellent amount of breathability which prevents heat build-up whilst providing excellent ventilation.

To provide even more durability and comfort for your parkour training needs, the best Vans Shoes and Boots will feature durable uppers with a combination of full toe overlays and mesh accents. The toe overlays are specially designed to offer superior ankle support to prevent any slippage during strenuous workouts. Mesh accents are used on the upper and both sides of the boots to further improve flexibility and air flow. Finally, both the inside and outside of the shoes are designed with a combination of Ndurance and Gore Tex. These materials are designed to resist moisture, ensuring maximum durability and comfort for the wearer.

All of these features combined mean that the Vans Shoes and Boots are the perfect fit for performing any number of heavy, energetic exercises such as free running, stuttering, pole dancing, climbing, jumping, and much more. Because they are so durable and offer such high quality and functionality, Vans Shoes and Boots are highly respected by professionals across the industry. As such, they are often seen in gyms, sports facilities, and private homes. By choosing a pair of Vans, you can guarantee yourself an improved level of performance and increased comfort for whatever sport you choose.