Why is Parkour known as Parkour? In an earlier article, briefly described Parkour as the rhythmic movements that you perform when walking with the same rhythm and keeping the same pace while doing it. This is similar to dance; where you will find three different moves or steps, all following the same rhythm and all performed simultaneously. This is what Parkour is.

why is parkour called parkour

So, why is it called as such? It just so happens that during some of the filming of certain projects, the director wanted to shoot some footage which is called as funny moments. These funny scenes were shot by a lot of people while performing various Parkour manoeuvres. From those, the clip which became known as Parkour was conceptualized.

What are these funny videos all about? The funny video clips showcase some of the most thrilling and funny moments that have ever been Parkour. The clips also act as a tribute to those who love Parkour. For example, if you are looking for the answer to the question, “What is Parkour?” then these funny videos will definitely answer your question.

The funniest of these funny videos are the Parkour falls videos. Here, two people who are performing Parkour fall down someplace and they laugh loudly as they touch the ground. The laughter is so loud that at times, the camera lens even moves from right to left. Some people seem to be taken aback to witness this but Parkour fans seem to enjoy the funny videos.

Another funny video clip from the epic fails compilation is the epic fail jump off. This clip is the funniest parkour fails. It shows what Parkour is all about and how hard it is to jump off the walls. The two men seem to be having the most hilarious moment here and the audience looks as if they are in a play situation. The two reach the bottom of the pit and they laugh as they clumsily land on the ground.

One other funny clip from the epic fails series is the best wipeout fails. In this video, there are many parkour enthusiasts who try to do the impossible. They jump onto a low platform, run towards the finish line without touching the wall and without taking any air. The race ends when one of them touches the wall. It is a very interesting sequence. Some people may laugh at this and think that Parkour is not real but you will notice that no one was actually hurt during this race.

For the people who love Parkour, these funny fails can be really exciting. When you watch the video above, you will realize how difficult the previous attempts to do these Parkours really were. So, now, you know how real Parkours are and you can laugh at them to your heart’s content. The best thing about this is that you will not see the achievements in this video, you will just observe how insane people are at doing these Parkours.

So, are you ready for the next part? Yes, of course. Here are the second two funniest parkour fails. The first one is called the epic fail jump off where the participants perform a very difficult jump from a high platform. The second one is called the ultimate parkour fails best funny moments challenge where the participants have to do a funny stunt in order to get the others to laugh at them. These two challenges are also very difficult and it takes a lot of coordination between the participants.

To make it short, these two Parkour Failures is by far the most hilarious ones that I have seen. If you want you can also check out the other fails videos on YouTube. The reason why the parkour community created these videos is to promote the fact that Parkour is indeed a very difficult sport to master and does require a lot of patience and concentration. By doing these fails, the viewers can actually see how difficult it is to actually perform a difficult task without giving up too much in the process.

The second part in the why is Parkour Called Parkour collection is… why is parkour called parkour’s worst challenge? This compilation basically shows you the worst moments that you may encounter when trying to do Parkour. It shows how the participants fail, laugh at them and make you see just how stupid they are. I think the video made by the guys over at the France Les Bains Parkour website is the best wipeout fails video out there, but then again maybe it’s just me…

In the end, if you’re looking for the funniest video on Parkour, than Parkour Failure is what you need. The two videos above are my personal favorite. In the end, I guess it’s all in your own preferences. Whichever of these two you prefer, I believe you will definitely enjoy it. Just remember that why is parkour called parkour, the most difficult challenge to learn.